Posted on: 20/03/2020

Rory Adams was never your average kid. When his mates in Adelaide were kicking oval-shaped balls and playing Fruit Ninja, Adams was making music. The songwriter caught the bug, aged eight. Using GarageBand with his cousin, the youngster slapped down his first lyrics. One of early songs was about a dog called Misty. We all start somewhere. Adams moved on, fast.

At 15, when others were flexing, he was fixated with the art of songwriting, and navigating the path ahead.

“I decided I wanted to get a publishing deal and I started writing more and more,” he recounts. “I would sit in class and have tabs open with all the companies. And figure out how to meet them.”

Adams skilled up, made contacts, got spotted and was chased for publishing by Savan Kotecha and Sony ATV in Los Angeles. In late 2019, at the age of just 18, Rory signed a publishing arrangement with Sony ATV’s Jennifer Knoepfle, senior A&R for Jack Antonoff, Joel Little, Scott Harris and others.

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