"Kirsty is not only a vocal coach but a voice educator. Her extensive knowledge and ability to teach is profound and a rarity with today's teachers.
The only reason I no longer see Kirsty is I was accepted into a full-time Diploma of Musical Theatre in a separate state." -Mia Vassallo

"My first 'proper' singing lesson was with Kirsty at 11yo. She has always been not only a gifted and talented performer herself but an impeccable role model, mentor and professional who continues to be a shining beacon of friendship, encouragement, integrity and inspiration in a very tough industry. Personally, I cannot express how much I have always valued her loyalty, confidentialty, compassion and committment to helping me find a voice when very few people thought I had one at all. Any friends I have referred to her have always been readily embraced as part of her singing family and instantly fall in love with her!! Since leaving school in 2011, I have been a freelance performer in Hong Kong and Macau, and am studying Music Theatre in New York..... and one of my first priorities is to get myself on Kirsty's Skype lesson schedule!!" -Madison Kuerschner

"Kirsty doesn't teach you how to sing, she teaches you how to be a SINGER' Go to her, go. Now." -Emily Clark

"Kirsty Roberts is by far the best singing teacher I have ever had. Never before have I met someone with such a passion for teaching and singing and that's what sets her apart from everybody else. Kirsty's students are her priority. The fact that she is constantly studying and learning from renowned teachers all over the world is an opportunity that doesn't often present itself to voice students. Kirsty is knowledgable in many different vocal models from Jo Estill to Seth Riggs which means she will find the method to suit you rather then prescribing a method that may have worked for one person. I have found with singing that one size DOES NOT fit all. Kirsty's track record speaks for itself. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have recieved the greatest opportunity of my life and a future in professional Music Theatre" -Ben Nicholson

"I trained with Kirsty for several years. Not only did she correct my vocal technique, but she also taught me how to perform. Kirsty created a fun and relaxed environment where I felt comfortable to be myself. I gained so much knowledge in a field in which I possess a great passion. I am so grateful to have met and to have been trained by such a wonderful young lady!" -Sarah D.

"I have known Kirsty for about three years now, and in that time she has struck me as one of the most effective, sharpest and kindest music professionals I have met. Although I have been a semi-professional musician for over a decade now, my singing voice was always a matter of low esteem for me. I hated to sing! With Kirsty’s patient, calm tuition, I gradually learnt the basics and, more importantly, to love the sound of my own (singing) voice. She gives her students that most vital of ingredients: Confidence. It would be easy for someone of Kirsty’s talent to be over-bearing or intimidating; instead, she is humble, welcoming and warm. A pleasure to work both with, and for" -Nick W.
"Kirsty has been an amazing influence on not only my voice but how I feel about being a singer. From day one she listened with an open heart to the issues I had concerning my once, very shy singing voice and through wise counsel and fantastic technical guidance she has helped to bring me and my voice out of the cocoon. I was only fortunate enough to work with Kirsty, once in person in Sydney and have done my lesson via skype ever since - thank goodness we at least have that. She continues to be my singing mentor and I am truly grateful for what she has shared with me as well as the confidence she has helped me develop." -Shivani